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Ethan Grout

RRP $48.99

Ethan Grout realises it's his 27th birthday when he receives a card from the fitness centre he recently quit along with the only job he had ever held. His father's life (and recent funeral) had featured a large cast: but his father had worked in film and travelled the world, whilst Ethan roamed an empty house in the suburbs, trying to convince the neighbours that he wasn't alone.

Having moved into a tiny room above a busy city bar, the buzz and lights of downstairs and the street soothing him to sleep, Ethan takes a new job, and another, and even another - collecting a life as he goes. Ethan Grout journeys through life, challenging himself to create his own gang of misfits when being alone just won't do any more.

This bittersweet novel will strike familiar chords with anyone who has suffered through jobs that resemble glee clubs, cults or blind dates, and who have tried to fit in even when it all just seems too hard.

About the Author

Matt Howard published his first novel Street Furniture in 2004. It was set in Sydney, garnered some great reviews, and has been optioned to a group of Californian film-makers. Matt’s second novel Taking Off was about the ups and downs of travel. Matt keeps changing his mind so lives in Sydney, then Melbourne, then Sydney. Currently in Sydney, he is eyeing Melbourne.

Homemade House Cleaning Recipes

RRP $13.99

Do you want to clean your clothes without the cost of store bought laundry detergents?

Americans do loads of laundry, about eight a week on average using commercial detergents, which cost about 20 cents per load. This accumulates to $83 per year. If you prefer to save money and spend that $83 on other projects, try making your own laundry detergents.

Making your own laundry detergents is:

  • Fun
  • Easy
  • Costs only pennies per wash load
Another thing: homemade laundry detergents smell like soap and not like the artificial fragrances added to store bought ones. So, it is good for people who are sensitive to fake scents.

Other topics covered in this book are:

  • Benefits of line drying
  • Energy saving tips in laundry room
  • How to create an organized and efficient laundry room
  • Way cool laundry rooms
  • How to care for your washer (and dryer)
With natural homemade laundry cleaning products, your laundry is taken care of for a fraction of the cost in a non-toxic and safe way.
Download your copy and watch your laundry budget drop!

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